Young Dogs, Sweet Dogs!

We love working with these Pell City pups for their Week 2 at Encore. They are all doing great!

Need someone to give you a hug? Ragnar’s a hugger, for sure. He’s never met a stranger and while he likes to play, he also likes to just sit down next to you and hang out and watch the world go by. He’s making progress on his leash walking, too.

Need someone to play with your kids? Trixie’s got energy for children, other dogs, fitness workouts, or whatever you can bring. We think once she’s out of the shelter, some of that pent up energy will burn off on its own, too. She’s sweet and silly.

Need someone to help you calm down? Mango is a perfect blend of puppy silly and quiet contemplation. Petting him is sure to bring down your blood pressure and make you smile.