Yard Sale Results and Thank You

Our first ever Encore yard sale is over and we couldn’t be happier with the results! This was truly a community effort. We are so grateful to so many.

To everyone who bravely donated their “stuff,” way to go! It’s hard to let go of little treasures and we had a huge roomful of them. If it didn’t sell, know that we are donating most items to local Anniston charities and thrift stores. And we’re storing a few things that we can use at other fundraising events.

To our fabulous staff and volunteers who did all the sorting, pricing and displaying, we couldn’t have done it without you! Your hard work paid off hugely. You also kept folks COVID safe and still managed to project a smile through your masks to each customer.

And to our other vendors at the event – thank you for adding some spice and variety to the whole shopping experience!

Drumroll please – we made $860 in sales, and another $406 in donations! A special shout out is needed to Legacy Village in Jacksonville and Psychological and Counseling Center in Anniston for your generous check donations, and thanks to everyone who dropped their change in our donation bucket or handed us a $20 and said – keep taking care of the doggies. Your kindness touches our hearts and allows us to heal the hearts of the shelter dogs we work with. So until the next time, stay safe and look out for each other and all our furry friends.