Who’s Going to Win this Race?

After a great Talladega weekend, the dogs of Rockin P Rescue are ready for their own race – who will be the first to get adopted? With a great pit crew at Encore, we think every one of these pups will be a winner! Here’s their standings as we start Week 2.
A. J. 
UPDATE: High energy A.J. Is ready to run laps around anyone! We’re still helping him remember that jumping doesn’t pay, but sitting and waiting does. He is getting better at leash walking, too. 
UPDATE: Wiggle butt isn’t enough for Andy – he wiggles his whole body when he’s happy! And he’s happy pretty much all the time. Andy’s great with people and just needs to remember not to jump up. 
UPDATE: Slow and steady really pays off when meeting Aria. She’s unsure at first but when someone she knows introduces her to someone new, that helps a lot. A soft voice to praise and a treat to reward also go a long way to help Aria learn that people can be trusted. Then, she’s ready to play and be silly – even tugging on the leash! 
UPDATE: Bitsy stayed back so Lightning could come play this week! And we’re not surprised – Lightning could pass for Bitsy Jr.  Same gorgeous mocha brown coat and white markings.
Puppy in the house! Five month old female bulldog mix Lightning is continual motion and joy. She’s learning sit but most other commands are well, a foreign language to her now. She’s smart and curious so it won’t take her long to learn new things. 
UPDATE: Cameron loves loves loves attention from his Encore crew. He will prop up on the stairs and stand motionless so someone can pet him and rub his back and belly. It’s good to see him not be so serious and give us a big, drooly-dog smile.