Welcome Dogs Off Their Chains (and Others)

We have a nice mix of ages and breeds from Calhoun County Humane Society this week, including two senior dogs who spent most of their lives on chains. We admire their resilience and willingness to love people. Meet them, and the other great pups, for Week 1 at Encore.

Brown and white mix Kane is 10 years old and was recently surrendered after being chained up for  years. Poor guy had a bad eye that needed to be removed, so he’s getting used to life not on a chain, and  only with one eye. Despite these challenges, Kane is friendly, lively and so grateful for human attention.

She’s lived life on a chain, and shows signs of being overbred, but seven  year old Candy still loves people and other dogs. She gladly plops over for a belly rub. She’s thrilled to run in the play yard. And she’s ready to spend some super senior years in a home, with a soft dog bed and lots of attention.

Russ is a good hearted soul and the shelter environment is tough for him. He warms up quickly to people but not all dogs. Look at his coat colors – dark brown feet and legs, some dark brown spots, and lots of golden red highlights! Russ is not even two years old and is ready for a long term commitment, maybe with you?

Picture the dog version of Wonder Woman – that’s Mariah! She’s so confident, silly and sassy. Mariah has lots of energy but will settle down after she runs it off, for quiet time with her person. This Husky/Shepherd mix is about two years old and prefers people over other dogs.

This two year old seems wise beyond her years. She’s a gorgeous girl with a white coat and white eye lashes, and ears that some fool decided to cut away when she was a puppy. Willow likes people but is not a fan of other dogs. She loves treats and toys and would love to meet her forever family soon.