Week of 11/9/18 and 11/13/18

Bae is learning to open up to new people and experiences every day thanks to the help of Romeo and fun loving Fancy. Krista and Sista are quickly learning they have nothing to fear and are becoming eager to face each new challenge instead of hiding in fear. And Suzi Q….well she received some well deserved attention from a few of our treasured volunteers.

We’ve had a great week at Encore! We focused on grouping a timid dog from the group with a another dog that already knew that they were in their “happy place”, and let them show the shy ones the ropes. It’s amazing to watch their eyes light up when they have a new friend that brings out the puppy in them (no matter what their age!) 

1 thought on “Week of 11/9/18 and 11/13/18”

  1. It’s so wonderful what you are doing for these amazing fur babies! Bless you!
    I rescued a puppy a little over a year ago from the Humane Society in Birmingham. I had gone without a dog for a year and a half which turned out to be a very lonely time. Twice had the most loving Rotties, well behaved teddy bears. During the time I went without my last Rottie I stayed in S. Carolina to help care for my dying sister with cancer. Three months later my son moved me back to Birmingham since I had previously lived here for thirty two years. With all the misplaced animals from the tornadoes & hurricanes something told me it was the time to fill that emptiness in my heart. I live alone but with my new little fur baby I can give her the love she deserves. I have always wished I had lots of money to take the dogs that are homeless & show them the love they deserve.
    Didn’t mean to go on & on but I’m so very thankful for people like you. Dogs have souls too, in fact I believe all animals have souls. You can see it in their eyes & feel it in your heart

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