Wednesday Dog Update: Aspen, Tasha and Krista

Three month old lab mix puppy Tasha had visitors to Encore this week – potential adopters! Are they her forever family or is there another one in her future? We’ll find out soon. Tasha has the cutest “furrowed brow” wrinkles on her face. And smart – she learned the sit command in just a day! She and Bae even played together in the yard and Bae let Tasha chase her around – seriously cute. (Late breaking update:  Tasha IS adopted! Another dog is going home!)

We love Aspen’s energy level! She is all into playing for a while – she had a great time going through the play yard tunnel and retrieving toys. Then she is focused to learn some new things – she knows sit and is really improving on leash walking. And then – she’s pooped out and ready for a nap.

Krista is getting pretty comfortable with the folks at Encore. She will snuggle up and even helps Bae see that people can be trusted. Krista’s put on a bit of weight – this sweet beagle mix could use a walking partner and some regular exercise so she doesn’t become a chunky monkey. It’s clear that if you give her time to get to know you, in a safe and calm way, Krista would really bond with you.

All of these ladies are available at the League for Animal Welfare

To see this video of Aspen and Angel please click to enlarge.