Waggin Tails at Week 2

These great pups from Calhoun County Humane Society are happy to be spending Thanksgiving Week at Encore! Everyone’s made progress and seems more relaxed.


UPDATE: This gentle guy is a bit shy when he is first introduced, but he has been open to meeting new people and places. Aden knows sit but he doesn’t always like sit. He’s not big on leash walking, although he’s getting better. Mostly, he likes to hang out and be with the people he knows and can score an occasional treat from! He’s super distracted around other dogs though, and will need to be the only dog in his new home.


UPDATE: Storm has been great with most people, but once in a while a new person spooks her and she doesn’t want to meet them. Slow and steady works best with this girl, as it brings out her happy, silly side. She has started playing with toys and really enjoys sitting for a treat. She’s doing great on her obedience basics.


UPDATE: Shy Star was the only dog that didn’t get a bath last week, as it would have been too much for her. We’re working on getting her comfortable in the bathing room (aka kitchen) with its different floor and lots of smells. She’s made some progress but still feels the need to bark at new people if they get too close. Once she’s met you a few times she is better.


UPDATE: This is the youngest eight year old dog we’ve seen! OMG Robin is so full of energy and it’s a beautiful thing to see her run around the play yard to burn it off. She’s so into playing with toys, too – the bigger the ball the better. Robin is always smiling, except around other dogs. She’s definitely a people person dog, not a dog person dog.


UPDATE: Like her name, this girl is all about peace, quiet, and getting along with everyone – people and dogs. She has this seriously cute habit of tucking her front paws under her when she rests in her crate. Dove is a gentle soul that is still shy but making great progress and has smiles and tail wags for new people, as long as they go slow and sweet.