Valentine’s Week Sweeties

Rockin P Rescue sent us some super cute doggies to spend Week 1 at Encore and feel the Valentine’s love. Help us give them a big welcome (and welcome back).

Looking for a Valentine in a BIG package? Year old, 65+ lbs. Brutus is perfect. He was rescued from the Humane Society in Elmore County, who reports that Brutus likes cats, dogs and kids. He has a gorgeous brindle coat and soulful eyes. And – he is good about not jumping on people, a real plus!

This 2 – 3 year old was rescued from Greater Birmingham Humane Society so she could hang out with her Boxer brethren at Rockin P. Polly can be fearful around some dogs, so slow and steady helps her meet new ones. This former stray has just a nub for a tail, so when she’s happy she is a true wiggle butt!

Six month old Fred reminds us of handsome Tramp from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. He’s got a thick, wiry coat and super cute whiskers. Fred loves people and other dogs, too. Give him a chance and he will love you!

With her smoky eyes and a beautiful gray coat, eight month old Shirley is stunning. She’s also shy, so she needs a new home with patient owners to help her discover her best self. She’s making progress – while leash walking is still scary, she tolerates it, so we don’t have to carry her inside anymore!

What a cute face on this six-month old tan and white girl! She can wrinkle up her forehead when she’s concentrating. Ethel is a bit shy, but still likes to meet new people slowly and preferably with a tasty treat.