Tuesday Update on our Dogs

We hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend. It’s back to work at Encore today and here’s an update on these dogs as they enter Week 2. Spoiler alert – one dog is new as someone got adopted on Friday!


Update: Moose and Rocky seem to compete for “highest energy” award, and it looks like Moose is our winner! He needs to burn off some of that energy first, then he can focus on learning his basics.


Update: Sweet senior Olivia has really found her stride at Encore – she’s so full of smiles and joy. She works for treats, then suggests a nice snuggle on a soft pillow. Who can resist her?


Update: Sampson got adopted! Happy day! So Kuro got to take his spot this week.


Meet two year old female black lab mix Kuro, a recent owner surrender to the League. She is a bit shy at first – she loves people but she seems conflicted about getting lots of attention. Just start slow so she gets used to petting, and then she seems to really enjoy it. And then – she needs to zoom around the play yard! Then back for more petting. Kuro’s a hoot.


Update: This handsome fellow is our live in the moment dog. He plays hard, loves his toys, loves to run, and also loves to work on learning new things.

From Pell City:

Big Ben

Update: We continue to be impressed with how friendly and easy going this big lug is. We’ve noticed that the only time he doesn’t look friendly is when a stranger approaches his crate. He barks a lot, and that can look scary. But as soon as someone he knows takes him out of his crate, he is OK with meeting new people. This guy is a herding/guarding kind of dog, and right now, the crate is probably the only thing he sees as his to protect.


Update: This is clearly one smart dog. We think there may be some German Shepherd mixed in with his husky and/or lab. He checks out everything, and is getting a bit warmer about playing with toys. But he still doesn’t retrieve them. He loves to be walked on the left side, but not on the right – what’s up with that?