Triple Sevens!

Three of our five dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society are seven years old (but they all act younger)! We think that all of them will bring luck, and lots of happiness, to their new families. Help us welcome these great guys and girls for Week 1 and Encore.


Our first seven year old, Aden is gambling on finding a new home before Christmas. He’s been waiting at the shelter for six of those seven years, after all. He’s a handsome chocolate brown lab/bully mix about 40 lbs and a bit shy at first. But he’s curious and comes up to people for a treat.


Storm is also seven and is a light chocolate color with white trim. This lab/hound/bully mix was just surrendered to the shelter after years of living in a crate and having too many puppies. No wonder she is a bit shy at first and doesn’t know what toys or playing is all about. She’s got a happy spirit and we hope to bring lots of joy and new experiences to her.


Our third seven year old is red and white mix Star (maybe Aussie, Collie or Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever). She is a spayed female who has been at the shelter since 2014. Star is cautious and skittish of fast movements or scary new objects – she did NOT like having her picture taken! Star is stocky with a gorgeous soft coat and is starting to show grey on her muzzle. We look forward to helping Star learn that new people and new things don’t have to be scary.


Robin is eight years old but she never got the “senior dog” memo! Robin is so happy go lucky and runs right up to you for attention. In fact, she’s as good with getting petted as she is with a treat. Robin’s another long term shelter dog that has been waiting since 2014 for the right match. This reddish brown mix has angel wing markings on her shoulders and a cute white bib on her chest.


This sweet three year old is back for her encore at Encore and we are thrilled! OMG Dove has come so far with her confidence and happiness. She loves belly rubs and hot dogs. But most of all, she loves just lying down in the sun and watching the world go by. We think this sweet girl may be part Whippet or Italian Greyhound. Whatever she is, she’s beautiful, calm and easy going.