Do you need help with your dog?

It can be frustrating when your pooch pulls on the leash or jumps on people. Or maybe he has WAY too much energy, or is shy around strangers. We offer a variety of private consultations and lessons that can help. (We don’t work with dog/human aggression or severe dog/dog aggression but we can help find you a referral to someone who does.) We also offer K9 Nose Work® group classes for folks that want to learn a new fun activity with their dog.  Please see our events page for currently scheduled classes and events. 

Private Lessons

Private Lessons Instructor: Charley Jones

Phone Consultation $20/20 minutes

Schedule a time to talk in-depth about your dog’s issue, get suggestions, and decide if you need more help.

Evaluation andTraining Plan Development/1st Private Lesson $70/1.5 hours

Bring in your dog and meet with Charley and another staff member. They will do an evaluation of your dog’s behavior, make recommendations, and show you some tips to help. An Evaluation is needed before you can schedule additional private lessons.

Second Private Lesson $60/1 hour

You and your dog meet with us again to show us how your dog is doing, and get some additional help.

Third and Future Private Lessons $50/1 hour

You can bring your dog back for any final help and suggestions. If appropriate, these sessions may include a field trip so we can see how the dog does in a different environment.

Nose Work Group Classes

K9 Nose Work Group Classes Instructor: Julie Madden, Certified Nose Work Instructor


We offer small group sessions for K9 Nose Work®, a fun and exciting activity that is like detection dog training but is for any kind of dog and his or her owner. Nose work gives a dog a job, burns mental and physical energy, and builds confidence. It can be done by older or disabled dogs, too.


Introduction to K9 Nose Work (1) $140 for the six-week session.Class covers the history and philosophy of nose work, the concept of the game, handler observation skills, and getting the dog focused. The dogs search for high value food or a toy. Searches are conducted inside.

Introduction to K9 Nose Work (2) $140 for the six-week session.Class introduces the dog to searching vehicles, outside, and closed containers. More challenging searches and environments are introduced.

Introduction to Odor $140 for the six-week session. The dog learns to search for birch odor in all four elements – interiors, exteriors, vehicles and containers.

Advanced Nose Work $140 for the six-week session.  Dogs are introduced to anise and clove odors and prepare for odor recognition tests and competitive trials.

Private Nose Work Classes

$35/45 minutes

General Info

All training services are paid at the first class for group classes, or the day of the lesson for private lessons. Payment can be made by check, cash or credit card. You can also pay in advance with PayPal by logging in to your account and “Send money” to the email 

Services are non-refundable but can be re-scheduled due to an emergency conflict.

A portion of training fees are donated to Encore Enrichment Center for Shelter Dogs, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. So your dollars help your own dog and a shelter dog!

Training is held at the Encore facility, located at 301 EA Darden Drive, Anniston AL 36201.

Classes and lessons are one hour unless otherwise stated in the description. You should also plan on homework of 15 minutes at least twice a week in between each session.

Proof of current parvovirus, distemper and parainfluenza vaccinations is required for all sessions. Also, any dog over four months old needs a current rabies shot. Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and have three rounds of vaccines prior to the first session.

Dogs should not have any visible signs of illness, ex. runny nose, coughing, eye discharge, diarrhea, vomiting or mange. No female dogs in heat in classes. If your dog becomes ill after you’ve paid for a lesson, it can be re-scheduled.

Nose Work classes are generally scheduled weekday evenings or Saturday mornings. Evaluations and private lessons are generally scheduled Tuesdays during the day or evening, or Friday mornings. If these times don’t work for you please call us at 256-403-0723 to set up a special time.

Participants in Nose Work classes must be at least 16 years old, and dogs at least six months old. Students may also have another family member attend to observe. For evaluations and private lessons, an adult should be the primary person to attend, but family members of all ages who also interact with the dog may attend to observe.

Training Library

Center for Shelter Dogs, Cumming School of Veterinary Medicine Resource Library. Here are many great documents on how to deal with behavior issues from escaping, fearfulness and protecting food to housetraining and chewing furniture.

ASPCA Common Dog Behavior Issues Site. In-depth discussions on many common dog behavior issues including barking, aggression, mounting and separation anxiety.

Victoria Stilwell Article: Pulling on the Leash. Great tips on how to train your dog to walk on leash without pulling you around.

Victoria Stilwell Article: Leash Aggression. Beyond leash pulling, this article makes suggestions for when your dog reacts aggressively to another dog when out on a walk.

Tips to Help Your Senior Dog Live a Longer, Happier Life. Article from the Grey Muzzle Organization with ideas to keep senior dogs in good shape as they age.

Dog Ownership Qs and As. (PDF file) For the first time dog owner, here’s some standard knowledge you should have, compiled by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Body Language Flyers (PDF file) A visual guide to relaxed, fearful, and aggressive postures in dogs, from the Center for Shelter Dogs.

Nose Work Pre Class Questionnaire (PDF file)

Nose Work Class Rules and What to Bring (PDF file)

What is Nose Work Article by Julie Madden PDF file)

100 Dog Behaviors You Must Know by Dr. Libby Guise, DVM


*More resources found here

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