Toys Not Just for Boys

Our Pell City girl dogs are having a great time at Encore – and the ones that love toys, REALLY love toys!  Here’s their Week 2 Update.

Hard toys, soft toys, squeaky toys, ball toys – Athena hasn’t met one she doesn’t love. In fact, she loves toys more than treats – she will eat part of a Milkbone but never bothers to pick up her crumbs! She’s got a great “recall” command and is getting better with meeting strangers.

Kimber’s at the vets getting ready for her spay surgery, so she let Bailey take her place. Thanks Kimber!

This eighteen month old girl is just under 60 lbs, with a beautiful yellow lab/golden retriever coat. Bailey was passed around to a couple different owners before ending up in the shelter. So while she’s happy go lucky with most people, she can get startled if a stranger approaches her the wrong way. She just needs some time and consistency and she is very eager to please.

She’s the champion of the “sit” command, but this two year old girl still needs some work on “kennel up” and “wait.” Jerica is happy and silly and bouncy. She also LOVES toys.

Happily, Helen is making progress! She is getting less overwhelmed by new places and people. If you have a tasty treat and a quiet voice, you may just find yourself with a new friend. Helen is a great medium size and has gorgeous blue eyes.