Top Dogs!

By Julie Madden, Certified Nose Work Instructor

Five of my nose work students graduated this week, and I couldn’t be prouder! Three students in Introduction to Nose Work (2) and two in the Continuing/Advanced class completed another six week session.

K9 Nose Work®is like detection dog training, except we search for food, and eventually for novel odors like birch, instead of bombs or drugs. My advanced students are already searching for birch and anise, and next class we will introduce clove. The other class will be introduced to odor for the first time – a huge step towards being able to compete at trials.

I will be starting another new class in the fall, so if you and your dog want to try a very cool and very fun activity, consider signing up. We’ll post information about the new class on FB and our website.

Help me congratulate Julie Moon with Jackie, Shelley Parris with Gypsy, and Angie Persch with Riggs, who completed Introduction to Nose Work (2).

And super sniffers Cecil and Tucker, and their proud owners Jan Case and Michele Butler, finished Continuing/Advanced Nose Work.

If you want to learn more about nose work, check out or give me a call at 256-403-0723. Happy sniffing!