Tig and Lil Joe

Lil Joe the Rodeo Clown

What’s up guys, name is Lil Joe. I’m a basset/lab mix and I’m about a year old. This isn’t my first rodeo, but I want to give an update. I had a very scary trip to the vet awhile back and didn’t go so well. They say I might bite, but I’m trying to convince them that I won’t. I’m just a goofy old boy that loves to play and is very confident until I meet strangers. I love going through tunnels and showing the skills/ tricks I’ve learned at Encore. I’m a very smart boy and have done every well meeting strangers this week. I have met several seniors this week and loved it. I love to show out before I meet you, so you know how good I really am. It takes time for me to warm up but I’m a sweet, silly, and fun little boy when I get to know you. I would love to meet you and hopefully become part of your family! I’m located at the Calhun County Shelter. Come by and meet me and some of my friends!

Tig the Dusty Tiger

Hi, my name is Tig and I’m a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix. I’m the size of a Golden Retriever, but have the calmness and good looks of a Great Pyrenees. I am about 2 years old and have some unique markings that make me me stand out. Some people say I look like a tiger that is a little dusty, but when I look in the mirror I just see a calm boy that doesn’t understand why he ended up at the shelter. I was found at the shelter gates and some nice people that worked there took me in and gave me some TLC. People say I really don’t like other male dogs, but I bet with just a little work I would love everyone. There isn’t a stranger I have met. I love everyone and I’m a big cuddle bug. I can be a little hard headed at time with commands that people ask me to do, but I’m trying to learn here at Encore.  I’m improving everyday. 

Just in the first week I have learned sit, down, and loose leash walking. I’m currently learning how to wait at doorways and not to be hard-headed. If you would like to meet me I’m located at Calhoun County Shelter. I would love to get to know you and hopefully become part of the family!