Three Dogs and Karma

We’ve been working with the shy golden retriever mixes from Etowah County Aninal Shelter and got a call from one of their neighbors in Gadsden, the Humane Society Pet Rescue and Adoption Center. One of their dogs really needed some help de-stressing. So Karma joined us for part of last week and all of this week – check out her story!

Not quite two years old, this 45 lb. Bully mix has spent almost a year of her life at the shelter. No wonder she’s getting a little kennel crazy! Karma is sweet with people and selective with dogs. And cats, well, nope. She’s a beautiful blue grey color and outside of her kennel is playful, happy and bouncy. We’re helping her learn that she doesn’t have to guard inside her kennel, which can sometimes happen when shelter dogs have nothing to call their own except that little space of concrete and wire. She’s making super progress and even after just a few days, you can see her stress go down and her cute factor go way up.

UPDATE: Summer is willing to walk up to strangers for a quick “let me check you out” sniff – this is progress! She’s doing better with the transport van, too, not drooling so much.

UPDATE: Star is watchful and curious when she is in the play yard by herself. We’re happy to see she is starting to lie down in an open area and not always hide in a corner. She’s a quiet, calm girl and is starting to accept petting from our staff and volunteers.

UPDATE: Who knew Scar had a happy dance? Yep, when he sees someone coming to his kennel to let him out to play, he does the cutest little dance. Scar is really building his confidence and we love to see the tail wags and easy going nature starting to emerge.