These Dogs are Rockin It

We’re proud of the progress these Rockin P pups are making at Encore! They are a smart young group ready to find their forever homes.

Who wants a big dog they can hug? This happy go lucky guy can fill the bill. Brutus may be part Mastiff, but he’s definitely all lovable goofball. He’s doing well in obedience training, too.

What a beautiful girl!  Like so many Boxers, Polly’s expression often looks sad, but she really likes meeting new people and some dogs. She also loves her toys and treats. She’s ready to love her forever family, too.

Wiry, shaggy, fluffy, fun! These all describe six month old Fred. Fred’s a hoot and great with other dogs. And he hasn’t met a stranger yet.

For sure, Shirley gets the prize for most improvement in self-confidence. This gorgeous girl just beams when she gets comfortable with you and plays with a toy. She has those soulful Weimaraner eyes…

Sweet six month old Ethel is building her confidence and growing into a nice medium sized tan and white beauty. She’s great with other dogs and starting to enjoy toys, too.