These Dogs are People Persons!

Back for Week 2 are five happy pups from Calhoun County Humane Society. They all are enjoying some human companionship and attention. Even Gracie and Tucker are getting noticeably warmer to new people. They may be meh for other dogs, but this crew gives people two paws up.

Jack Jack

High energy Jack Jack still needs some work on leash walking (or leash pulling, as he defines it). But when you get him to focus, he’s ready to work and eager to please.


Parker loves to run! And jump. And toys. And treats. And life in general. He makes us smile just with his positive attitude.


More often than not, Tucker’s got a smile on his face and a spring in his step. He’s getting braver and sillier. He’s nine years old going on two or three!


Sweet Gracie has the cutest habit of getting mini-zoomies in the play yard. She’ll be standing still, then boom! A quick dash here or there, and just as fast, she pulls up like “oops, I can’t let anyone see me having so much fun.” Yes you can, Gracie.

Lil Girl

With Lil Girl, it’s all about the loving. She is over the moon to get petted. She will sit on your foot, just to encourage you to stay put and pet her some more. She’s doing great with her obedience basics, too.