The Pups of Rockin P and One Guest

We have six young guys and gals from Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville to start their Week 1 at Encore. Look out – it’s time for puppy love!

Sisters Allis and Fergie are three month old mixed breed puppies up to date on their shots and excited to experience all life has to offer. Allis is very outgoing and bounds from person to person for attention and treats. She loves toys and can’t decide which one is the best!

Three month old Fergie is more reserved than her sister Allis. She needs a moment to meet a new person or check out a new environment so she feels safe. Once she does, she likes being held and petted, and playing with squeaky toys. Most of all, she likes playing with her rowdy sister!

Graham is a classic fawn boxer boy, only six months old. He loves to meet new people as to him, everyone is a new friend. He’s goofy and silly and sure to make you smile.

Year old Brisket is some type of  boxer/bulldog mix, and he is 100% loveable. Look at the beautiful black and white markings on his chest! In the sunlight, his black fur shows red highlights. Brisket is the ultimate snuggle bunny. And he gets along well with cats – he pretty much ignored Encore’s cat Hemi when he saw him through the fence.

Another young gun, Max is about a year old and was brought to the rescue when his owner passed away. Max is just a fun loving, easy going dog who loves to play with toys and loves to hang out with people. He’s a big boy with a boxy head. We think he is a mix of Anatolian Shepherd and Alabama Generic Brown Dog!

What a beautiful girl! Paprika is only six or eight months old, and looks to be part Visla mixed with maybe Redbone Coonhound. She’s a good medium size now and may get a bit bigger as she grows into those long legs. But she thinks she’s still puppy-sized and will try to jump into your lap, so we’re working to help her calm down and focus.

Neptune (Calhoun County Humane Society)
Neptune is just over a year old and was surrendered to the shelter in May. He’s our shy guy and will need someone with patience and a desire to coax out his personality. The more comfortable Neptune gets with someone, the more you see his tail wag and then he will play with toys.