The Best for Last!

These are the last dogs we’ll be working with in 2021 – what a great group to help us get ready for the holidays! These young pups from Calhoun County Humane Society were all brought in as strays (except for Neptune). Help them stray back out, into a loving home just in time for Christmas!

Add one part German Shepherd and one part Husky, and mix till blended. What do you get? A high energy cocktail named Mariah! She’s about two years old and has the softest fur. She’s all smiles and likes to jump on you when she gets excited, so we’re going to work with her on that.

Rumor’s a high energy pup and that’s no surprise, he’s only eight months old. Life is still one big adventure to be explored and this black lab mix would love to explore it with you. He’s a nice medium size and may grow just a bit more.

Life is scary right now for 18 month old Judy, a white mix with one blue and one brown eye. She shivered and tucked her tail when she first went out in the play yard, but over time she got more curious. Slow and steady will help Judy get the confidence she needs to be someone’s forever friend.

OMG, what a distinctive dog! Brindle and white Freddy is nine months old and might be part Belgian Malinois and Great Dane. He very tall but needs to put on some more weight to fill out his frame. Freddy is full of puppy energy and will bark when he’s surprised by something new, like Tom’s scooter.

Remember Neptune, who was surrendered to the shelter back in May? He’s back for a refresher. He’s about a year and a half old, with a cute brindle and white coat. Neptune is cautious about meeting new people and we’re working to help him feel more comfortable in his environment. He’s eager to learn and knows a lot of obedience basics.