The A,B,C’s of Rockin P!

Everyone’s name starts with the first three letters of the alphabet as we welcome these high energy pups from Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville, AL. We’re sure they will love Week 1 at Encore.
A. J. 
Hey, A.J.! This happy guy is a big boy with a big heart. He’s kind of jumpy, so we’re working to remind him that “four on the floor” is a good thing. Two year old A.J. looks magnificent when he strikes a pose on the stairs in the play yard.
Tan with a black muzzle, Andy LOVES his toys. And attention. And running. And jumping. Basically, this young pup loves life in general! He’s good with other dogs, too. Andy is not quite two years old and has a cute nubby tail.
Aria’s name means beautiful melody, and this brindle Boxer is a beautiful girl. Aria’s about two years old and has had a rough start. Her owners were homeless and she’s spent time at two different shelters before she was taken in at Rockin P.  Aria needs some consistency and a chance at a fun, normal life. She needs a little time to warm up to strangers but once she does, she’s all in for play time and hugs. She also knows her basic commands.
Bitsy’s big, bold and will play fetch or tug all day if you let her. Her tail just wags and wags. She is a star at the “sit” command and will wait patiently for you to throw the toy. 
We’re so happy to report that since his last visit to Encore, Cameron put on some weight and his leg is healing nicely! The kind folks at Rockin P are taking good care of him. But he still is waiting for his forever family to take even better care. Cameron would love to be a working dog for a serious, experienced dog owner.