Take a look inside Encore!

A welcoming face as soon as you come in!  Meet Encore who is used in teaching kids the right way to handle dogs. 

We at EEC are always looking for ways to raise money to pay our bills so we can keep helping shelter dogs go from being almost home to forever home.We realized there are times when we have portions of the building not being used, so starting in 2019 we are looking to rent rooms for dog events, people events, or dogs and their people events!   It’s a great facility – and to let you see that, we’ve put together a YouTube video that walks you through the building.  Check it out on our home page.  

All proceeds from room rentals will go towards EEC’s operational expenses.  For more information on pricing and availability, PM us, call 256-403-0723 or send an email to encoreenrichmentcenter@gmail.com