Tail Waggin’ Week Two!

Some bouncy boxers and boxer mixes are back for Week 2 at Encore! Here’s an update on their progress.


UPDATE: With his reddish tan coat and white chest, Boswell is a looker. And so many wrinkles on that face! His favorite thing is definitely people, more so than toys. He is happy to take a treat in return for a “sit” and he’s almost got “down” well, down.


UPDATE: From almost feral to absolutely friendly, Grendal’s transformation has been wonderful to see. The great folks at Rockin P Rescue helped get him over his fear of people and start to trust again. We’ve been able to build on that during his time at Encore. He’s much faster to approach a stranger now, and like Boswell, he LOVES petting and attention. Grendal will also retrieve a ball and zoom around the play yard.


UPDATE: We had to move Cameron to the XXL crate – he’s so tall his head hit the top of the regular extra large! He has the cutest three little brown dots behind his left ear, where most of his other spots are black. That stubby tail just wags and wags when he gets to play. He’s improving on leash walking, too.


UPDATE: Cool, calm, collected. That’s Aries. He has a wonderful medium energy and can pal around without getting in your face. He’s gets the award for “Best Sit in a Variety of Locations” and is nice to walk on leash. He does have this drool thing going on, but he can pull it off with great dignity!


UPDATE: Who gets the Award for “Most Energy in a Smallish Package?” Yep, Athena. She’s LOVES to play with toys and checks out every new smell in the play yard. She keeps us laughing with her silly nature and sheer joy. She’s smart and is doing well on her obedience basics, too. She may be six years old but acts more like a teenager.