Sweet Pea Shows Her Style!

By Julie Madden

Nine year old terrier/pit bull mix Sweet Pea stole our hearts this week. Sweet Pea is the birth flower for April, and this girl was a stray brought to the shelter in April 2013 – maybe that’s how she got her name.

It’s clear something’s going on with her health, by the looks of her distended belly, bald spots, and constant drinking water and peeing. The shelter had scheduled her for a upcoming vet visit, but after consultation with them we went ahead and took her on Tuesday. It’s a case of ruling stuff out, and happily diabetes and liver or kidney issues were ruled out so far. Sweet Pea is on antibiotics now and a return vet visit is scheduled for next week. One possible diagnosis is Cushing’s disease but we’ll know more later.

Despite not feeling 100%, we were so impressed with this girl’s spunk and easy going nature. She had lots of visitors this week and met everyone with a happy spirit. Poor girl couldn’t keep from peeing, though, because of her illness, so we tried a variety of diaper options. From granny panties to Depends to a custom crocheted diaper with lots of pads inserted, Sweet Pea wore them with quiet grace and good humor.

She’s got no humor for other dogs, so for Sweet Pea to be adopted, she’d need to be the only animal in the home. After six years of waiting, wouldn’t it be wonderful for this sweet senior to find a home and family? Until you’ve had an older dog, you can’t appreciate the easy joy of having a dog that is fine with just being, instead of doing. And Sweet Pea is ready to just be, with you.

Sweet Pea is at the Calhoun County Humane Society.