Sweet 16 – Well 5, Actually

March madness has shown us that nothing is taken for granted and underdogs can overcome odds and be winners. That’s the case with these great guys and girls from Calhoun County Humane Society!

There’s something SO cute about a doggie with short legs, and Harvey, with his pointy ears, curled up tail, on a low riding frame, is it! He’s working hard on his loose leash walking this week.

Who loves treats and attention? This guy! Gregory is learning some great new skills include “fetch” and “give.” He’s ready to give his heart to you today. Contact Calhoun County Humane Society to learn more.

Beautiful and strong, that’s Chrissy. We’re helping her to learn how to channel that “strong” when leash walking so she doesn’t pull. She can get distracted on leash, but wouldn’t you if you got a chance to be out of the shelter and walking in the great outdoors?

Some dogs are naturally self-confident. Mariah sure is! She’s so happy go lucky and silly, but when she needs to focus, like on leash walking or learning new commands, she can.

Russ needs to get the heck out of the shelter environment. He gets stressed when he’s in a crate or kennel, but once he’s out in the open, he’s happy and relaxed. Russ is learning “fetch” and “drop it” this week. He’s ready to “fetch” his new family through adoption at Calhoun County Humane Society.