Super Sniffers Graduation!

Two of our K9 Nose Work® classes finished up this week – congratulations to these “nosey” dogs and their owners! Canines Zelda, Annie and Riggs are all proud graduates of Introduction to Nose Work 1. Together with their owners/handlers Beth, Tammy and Angie, these young pups learned what nose work is all about, and how to find hides in boxes and on different objects. (Actually, they didn’t need to learn how to find stuff – K9 Nose Work® is more about letting the dogs get back to their instincts for scenting and hunting). Our other graduates were canines Cricket and Thor, with their owners/handlers Sandy and Dan and Debbie. These dynamite dogs completed Introduction to Odor, where they learned that birch odor pays rewards, so it’s worth it to search for it! These guys know how to search closed boxes, vehicles, and both inside and outside environments. AND – a big shout out to Tucker from our ongoing advanced nose work class! Tucker and owner Michele recently competed in their first nose work trial, in Alabaster, Alabama. Tucker was awarded a ribbon for placing third in the exterior search – finding the hide in just seven seconds! He is seen here with his very proud instructor Julie. Nose work is similar to detection dog training except the dogs search for food and novel odors instead of bombs or drugs or bed bugs. It gives active dogs a job, helps shy dogs build confidence, and can be tailored for older or disabled dogs, too. New classes will be offered in the upcoming weeks at Encore and we will post the information on the Services page of our website. If you have a question about whether nose work is right for your dog, give us a call at 256-403-0723.