Sunshine and Shelter Dogs

Five dogs from CCHS

Hooray – We have dogs in the building! Say hello to a great group of guys and gals from Calhoun County Humane Society. Welcome to Week 1 at Encore.


Strikingly handsome but so shy, that’s senior guy Tucker. He’s eight years old, and a mix that may include Anatolian Shepherd or Husky. Tucker’s a nice sized dog around 50 lbs. and isn’t fond of other dogs in his personal space. Overall he is quiet and sad. He was surrendered by his owner last year and hasn’t seemed to recover. He needs a patient person to help him come out of his shell.


Here’s Parker, a two year old black lab/Plott hound mix who weights 40 lbs. In the sunlight you can see brown mocha highlights in his fur. Parker was found abandoned in February. He loves people and some dogs but not others. Parker tends to drool a bit when he is excited or nervous. Well, and other times too. It’s part of his charm!


You wouldn’t know Wilco is eight years old. He’s a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. This black and white American Staffordshire terrier mix loves people (and cats, go figure) but not other dogs. Wilco doesn’t know much of a life beyond the shelter. He was brought in as a stray back in 2013. Maybe it’s his tough guy appearance that has kept him from being adopted. But once you see him smile from ear to ear and watch him race to jump into your arms, you see that this is a tough guy that just wants to be loved.

Lil Joe

Remember Lil Joe? He’s VERY distinctive – he’s so low to the ground but so full of energy. He’s a two year old tan mix of maybe lab with Bassett Hound. Lil Joe is dog friendly and people friendly too, but sometimes he needs to get to know you before he’s ready to pal around. And once that happens, he is all over playing and working to please you. Lil Joe loves agility and fetching games.


Tessa is a six-year old female hound mix who’s shy and scared of new things. She likes other dogs, though – they give her a little confidence that life doesn’t have to be so scary. Tessa’s improved during her time at the shelter (she’s been there most of her life) but still needs someone who can be very patients and calm with her. There’s a spark of life in her ready to come out, once she can work through her fears.