Sunshine and Dogs, a Perfect Combo

These great pups from Calhoun County Humane Society are loving their Week 2 at Encore and spoiler alert, one is pending adoption! Check out their updates and meet two new small sweeties.

Kane continues to make great progress in his race to enjoy every minute of life off a chain. He is a bit rusty on his obedience basics but makes up for it in positive personality!

OMG Candy is awaiting the final paperwork to fly the coop and start her new life with a forever family!  You go, girl.

Russ’ favorite word is “fetch.” He will gladly fetch the toy over and over again! This high energy guy may need a slow introduction, but once he’s met you (and if you’re willing to throw the toy) he is your loyal friend. He knows his obedience basics and likes to please.

We just love this silly girl. She will gladly run laps around the play yard to tire herself out, or chase a toy if you throw it. We’re still working to help her remember not to jump on people or be mouthy. But we are making progress, and Mariah is so worth it.

Willow has a lot to say, and most of it seems to translate to “I just want to be with my person.” While she can be timid at first, once she knows and trusts you, she’s ready to stay by your side. If you’ve been feeling lonely and would welcome a loyal furry friend, she’s the one.

Ashley and Mary Kate
Ashley and Mary Kate are sisters that were abandoned at the shelter gate in April. They’re 6-8 months old and are on the small side, about 30 lbs. Ashley has super cute black and white markings on her face and body. Mary Kate is mostly black with white and brown markings. They can be shy at first, but only till they take a deep breath and realize you’re a friend. Then it’s tail wagging, lap sitting, play yard running time!