Encore Enrichment Center for Dogs is SO happy when a dog gets adopted after our training.


Ellie came in shy but warmed up quickly She sometimes guarded toys, and was a bit snappy a few times at first. She was adopted in January of 2018 from the League for Animal Welfare.


Colonel came in jumping. He needed leash work, but loved people & toys. He was adopted on January 6, 2018 from Petsmart through Cheaha Regional Humane Society.


Romeo came in gentle. He loved toys and was good with having his wounds cared for. He was adopted on January 6, 2018 from Petsmart through Cheaha Regional Humane Society.

Barney came in with a lot of energy!  He would let us check his ears and teeth and  played well all around.  He was adopted February 3, 2018 from Petsmart through Cheaha Regional Humane Society.
Sicily came in scared.  She would not play. She would only allow us to pet her. She was an animal cruelty case with physical & emotional scars.  She was adopted February 3, 2018 from Petsmart through Cheaha Regional Humane Society.

Lauren came in loving to jump. She was very mouthy.  She took to nose work well and loved balls.  She was also good with wellness checks.  She was rescued in March of 2018 through Cheaha Regional Humane Society.


Feisty came in energetic.  She liked to jump and was mouthy.  She needed training on leash walking and learning sit.  She was great with nose work. She also loved toys & dogs.  She learned to sit, but got distracted easily.  She was adopted on August 2, 2018 from the League for Animal Welfare.


Emma came and was only here for two days before being adopted.  In her time here she was friendly and full of energy.  She was adopted on March 9, 2018 from Cheaha Regional Humane Society.

Spots came in shy and a bit jumpy, but full of energy.  She did know how to sit and shake.  She was adopted on January 20, 2018 from Petsmart through Cheaha Regional Humane Society.

Brady came in calm, easy going, and good on a leash.  He did know how to sit but arthritis kept him from doing so easily.  he also was familiar with being in a kennel. He was adopted April 8, 2018 by Susie’s Sr dog rescue through Calhoun County Humane Society.


Ace came in shy.  He liked petting, but not toys.  He jumped some and tended to pull on leashes, but was easy going and eager to learn. He was rescued on March 10, 2018 by Northern Rescue through Calhoun County Humane Society.

Perry Carter

Perry Carter came a little hesitant at being handled.  He liked toys and LOVED balls. He pulled with the leash, but steadily improved and learned how to sit.  He was rescued on March 28, 2018 by Animal Haven NY through Calhoun County Humane Society.

Juno came in a little hesitant at being checked and handled.  He did like toys and treats. He did not like being on a leash at all. He may have been chained, but showed great improvement with leash walking.  He was shy, but very lovable.  He was rescued on June 9, 2018 through Calhoun County Humane Society.

Siri came in as a playful puppy and was adopted in January of 2018 through the League for Animal Welfare.


Zeb came in as a playful puppy and was adopted in January of 2018 through the League for Animal Welfare.

Aster came in shy and would only tolerate health checks. She loved pets, but not toys and didn’t know how to be walked on a leash. By the second week she would sit for treats, liked being outside, and improved in all areas. She was rescued on March 10, 2018 by the Northern Rescue through Calhoun County Humane Society.
Lucky came in feral. He was very shy and very cautious with humans. He liked dogs, but it took awhile to even take a treat. Eventually he learned to take treats and walked a leash. he became more curious as he continued to work. He was rescued on June 16, 2018 through the League for Animal Welfare.

Beans came in friendly. He liked to jump some and loved being petted. He tended to pull on a leash, but learned well and became a champ at sit. He still had a tendency to snatch treats, but was improving. He was rescued on March 28, 2018 by Animal Haven NY through Calhoun County Humane Society.


Amos came knowing how to sit. He did pull on his leash and tended to be mouthy and jump. he was very friendly after he got to know who you were. He made good progress and by the second week would only jump when getting a treat. He was rescued on June 9, 2018 through Calhoun County Humane Society.


Betty came in jumping a lot.  She needed work on leash walking.  She was very friendly, but didn’t like all dogs.  She was easily excited and over active.  She was a great learner with nose work and quickly learned how to sit.  She was rescued on June 9, 2018 through Calhoun County Humane Society.


Zeus came needing work on jumping, leash walking, and sitting. He seemed friendly, goofy, and eager to learn.  He learned to wait at doors, “here”, sit, and leash walking. He liked all toys and was interested in nose work. He was rescued June 9, 2018 through Calhoun County Humane Society.


Asuka came in here for photos and evaluation.  She knew how to sit and retrieves balls.  She didn’t jump.  We worked on leash walking.  She was adopted May 4, 2018 from the League for Animal Welfare.

Mojo came in sweet. He loved balls and would retrieve. He knew sit as well.  He also was a little jumpy.  He was adopted May 25, 2018 from the League for Animal Welfare.
Wiggles came in a cute five month old male puppy, a mix of lab, terrier and possibly Carolina Dog. He was friendly and very treat motivated. He didn’t know much about leash walking so we helped him with that. He was adopted from the League for Animal Welfare July 27, 2018.

Peanut came in unfriendly at first, but did warm up.  He guarded his crate and toys. He also tended to pull on his leash and jumped a lot.  He growled at first and had an aggressive bark with new people.  As he improved he started to like one particular toy.  He was rescued on June 9, 2018 through Calhoun County Humane Society.

Biscuit came in a playful puppy who jumped a lot.  He loved to run and play with all toys.  He was very friendly and learned sit and play with a leash.  He was rescued on July 23, 2018 through Calhoun County Humane Society.

Phillip came in a bit jumpy and loved toys and balls He was adopted on January 27, 2018 through Cheaha Regional Humane Society.

Seymora came in a sweetheart.  She knew how to sit and come on command, but was a bit bossy.  She was adopted in March of 2018 through Cheaha Regional Humane Society.
Sasha came in initially scared of everything.  She certainly improved and began to love toys and balls. She was rescued in February of 2018 through Calhoun County Humane Society.

Darla was easily excitable.  She would jump then would sit for attention. She loved toys and to retrieve them.  She also loved being around other dogs.  She needed minor leash corrections, but certainly improved.  She was adopted March 24, 2018 from Calhoun County Humane Society.


Willow – 6 month old puppy who with long floppy ears, and a floppy body – she didn’t know how to leash walk so she would flop down and roll over instead of walking! Friendly, calm and easy going. Willow was the sweetest.  She was very shy, but interested in toys and balls.  She was good being leashed walked and being in a crate.  By the second week she was far more outgoing.  She was rescued in January of 2018 by an organization in Florida through Calhoun County Humane Society.


Mystique was a high energy female pit bull mix, very outgoing and loved people! She was brave – she even went down the slide on the play yard. Initially pulled hard on the leash but was a quick learner and got very good at loose leash walking. Wanted to please.  She was rescued June 9, 2018 by a rescue through the Calhoun County Humane Society.  


Tinker was a four month old terrier mix, cute female who loved to pal around with her friend, Sugar. Tink was very smart; she didn’t know sit when she first came in but learned quickly. Also got leash walking quickly. Was adopted but returned, but then found her forever home on September 7, 2018.


Mischief came in with several brothers and sisters, an abandoned litter.  She was the last of the litter to be adopted.  She was a sweet lab/hound/shepherd/husky mix.  Easy going and loved people.  She was about 8 months old when adopted on October 23, 2018 from the League for Animal Welfare.


Sweet Sugar came in about four or five months old. She was a collie/lab/hound mix with green eyes.  She was pals with Tinker even though she was much larger.  Got adopted by a family visiting here from California, so she is a CA dog now. 


Sudz came in a great 2 year old male Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix.  Weighed about 12 lbs.  He was a stray found coated in oil on Noble Street in Anniston.  His name came from all the suds needed to clean him off!  He was a friendly dog and very quick learner. Did fantastic during his introduction to nose work.  He loved affection and was curious.  He needed to get used to a collar and leash.  Sudz was adopted August 11, 2018 from the League for Animal Welfare.


Chestnut came in a quiet female Chihuahua/Italian greyhound/miniature pinscher mix, about four years old, black and tan. Came in with her two puppies (no names, Pup 1 and Pup 2). Chestnut was pleasant and enjoyed affection. Was only with EEC for a few days, along with her puppies, to get evaluated and phtotographed. She was adopted from the League for Animal Welfare July 20, 2018.  


Pup 1 was a super cute brindle colored eight or nine week old puppy, with beautiful markings and typical puppy curiosity.  She was adopted July 17, 2018 from the League for Animal Welfare.



Pup 2 was an equally cute black with some brindle markings puppy, sister to Pup 1. She was adopted July 16, 2018 from the League for Animal Welfare.



Gunter – Lemon and white beagle Gunter was a chunky boy at 40 lbs. He was around 3 years old and had that distinctive beagle bay kind of bark. He was easy going and not high energy. He loves people and treats. He and kennel mate Fancy became fast friends and loved to run around together in the play yard. He was picked up by a beagle rescue 9/7/18.


Lucy came in a 60+ lbs beagle/yellow lab mix, female, about 2-3 years old. Lucy needed a special home where she could be with people and not left alone in the back yard, as she proved she could escape by climbing over a fence. She was an amazing dog with a wonderful personality who love, love loved everybody she met. She was the only dog we worked with at EEC who did so much nose work that we put her on birch odor and took her to an Odor Recognition Test in Heflin, AL on September 9, which she passed with flying colors! She needed work walking nicely on leash and not jumping, and got much better over time with that. Lucy was adopted September 19, 2018.


Jack came in a male Jack Russell terrier mix, one and a half years old, whirlwind of energy. Just under 20 lbs. A little dog in a big world, Jack tended to jump up on people and things just so he could see what was going on. He was so very smart – learned to walk great on a leash, and sit, and roll over (at least half way). He needed an experienced owner to help guide him back to good behavior if he started to slip away from it, and he was so worth it – friendly, great with other dogs, and over the top handsome. He was adopted by a professional dog trainer in TN October 31, 2018.

Lucy – Lucy was a one to two year old female brindle boxer mixed with some hound or lab. She was pretty reserved with people at first, but once she got more comfortable with them, would come up for treats or a pet. She came in walking nicely on leash and only needed a brush up on other skills. She weighed in at a thin 35 lbs. Lucy was adopted from CCHS 11/23/18.
Bianca – In September, EEC worked with five siblings from CCHS. We called them the Dalmation 5 – four girls and one boy half-Dalmatian youngsters about a year old. They had been living in a back yard and had no socialization with people, so were very wary and anxious around anyone. Bianca was the most outgoing of the group. She would take treats from people after the first few days, and even started playing with toys by the second week here. Beautiful Bianca got adopted 11/25/18.
Romeo – Romeo came to Encore from LAW a number of times across the summer. He was a black and tan coonhound puppy who grew from about 20 lbs. to about 35 lbs. over the months. Romeo LOVED toys and would chase and retrieve tennis balls and footballs. He quickly learned how to walk on a leash and got pretty good at not jumping on people. He was adopted 11/30/18.
Athena – this great dog was the best representation of the pit bull breed! She came in gentle, loving and anxious to please. She was four years old and had spent two years at the shelter. She was initially shy but warmed up quickly to people. She was adopted from the Calhoun County Humane Society December 15, 2018.
Bubba – Bubba came in a happy, sturdy 50 lb. dog who knew how to sit for a treat. He loved attention from people and made good progress on his obedience skills. He was adopted from the Calhoun County Humane Society December 13, 2018.
Rocket – young dog Rocket came in zooming around, loving to chase and retrieve balls and other toys! He enjoyed his time in the play yard and needed some work on not jumping or leash pulling. This two year old lab was mixed with some type of hound or maybe Belgian Malinois, given his intensity and drive. He was rescued from the Calhoun County Humane Society November 2, 2018.
Sophi – Adult female pit bull whose owners were deported. She was adopted June 30, 2018.
Dixie Rose
Dixie Rose – adult female chocolate lab mix. She was rescued November 27, 2018.

Abby – Adopted in December of 2018

Solid white German Shepherd mixed with maybe some American Eskimo or Samoyed, or even yellow lab? One year old. Brown freckles on her ears. About 45 lbs. Loves to chase toys! She can be growly when in her crate or kennel – thinks its her safe place and is uncomfortable when a new person comes by. But once she is outside, she is very approachable with people. And once she learns who you are, she is more comfortable with you even in her crate.


Carly – Here is a senior dog named Carly.  Carly is an absolute hoot.  She really enjoys hand out with the shy puppy and flips for attention and treats.  She has a funny habit of sometimes softly howling/whimpering why she’s in her crate waiting her turn. Otherwise she’s just an old soul.  She is a Carahoula Lepard Dog/lab mix.  Adopted October 2018.


Hopper – Meet Hopper, a male two year old Old Danish Pointer/Dalmatian Mix who has only been at the shelter a month.  Hopper is friendly, easy-going, and seems to love both people and other dogs.  He is getting checked out on his leash walking and other basic skills.  He is quick to give kisses!  Adopted in September 2018. 


Mandy – Mandy came in with her brother Billy and is another sweetheart.  She is a six-month old puppy.  She looks a bi more beagle-is or even some type of hound mixed in with yellow lab.  She is thin at about 25 lbs and needs to add some weight.  Mandy also loves people and treats and petting and affection.  Adopted January 2019.


Handsome Hank is a dream dog.   He’s a year or two old Boxer/English bull dog mix with perhaps a smidge of Bull Mastiff or American Staffordshire terrier thrown in for good measure.  He loves people dearly and seems to do well with other dogs, too.  But despite being a crazy cool and wonderful dog, when Hank’s owners moved out of Ohatchee earlier this year, they just left him behind.

A Good Samaritan found Hank wandering around in Anniston and how he got there from Ohatchee remains a mystery.  He was limping and she didn’t know if he had been injured or hit by a car. She contacted area shelters but it seemed everyone was full.  When she reached out to the Calhoun County Humane Society (CCHS), however, they took one look at Hank and knew they had to do something to help.  They suggested some rescue organizations for her to contact and said, if nothing works out let us know.  Well, nothing worked out and Hank came to CCHS two months ago.

It turns out Hank needs something called Femoral Head Osteotomy or FHO, in order to fix his left rear leg.  FHO fixes several hip conditions including hip dysplasia and a fractured or dislocated hip.  It is an effective surgery but very expensive.  CCHS needs to raise $3,500 to pay for Hank’s surgery and post-surgery care and medicine. It’s a huge lift, but Hank is a young, strong, otherwise healthy dog who could be someone’s best friend for many years.  Hank is a rescue commitment by Rockin P’s Rescue out of Jacksonville January 2019!


Tricky – What a sweetheart this year old male Australian shepherd mix is! Tricky is a great size, about 35 lbs, and gets along with kids, dogs and people in general. He showed some interest in toys, too. His coat is amazingly soft, and he has super nice markings and color. He has only been at the shelter two months and is ready to link up with a forever home and family. Rescued January 2019

Red Outside

Red is approx 4 years old. He was brought in after Christmas last year on protective custody/cruelty case. The case has been recently resolved, Red belongs to our shelter now. He was neutered while here, and when tested, did test positive for heartworms. He has a wonderful temperament to have been through the starvation and then 11 months old confinement in shelter. Occasionally we work with a rescue organization or non-partner shelter to help them with a special case. And four-year old Red is truly special. He was brought in to the Pell City Animal Control Center just after Christmas last year as part of a protective custody/cruelty case. You can see from the pictures on the day he was seized, just how starved he was. But despite the lack of care, Red didn’t give up on people. His case was finally resolved and Red is now available for adoption. He has a wonderful temperament and loves, loves, loves people! He has incredible focus for toys and treats. He has gained plenty of weight (maybe even a bit too much?). He is heartworm positive, so will need treatment. (We are working on possibly getting some of his treatment costs covered.) Red is a BIG guy! He would do best with a rough and tumble kind of family that loves to play outside, enjoys throwing around the ball, or taking long walks. Also a family with no cats, but with hearts full of love for this second chance dog. Adoption date 1/14/19


Winter – Black and tan, tall and thin, about 40 lbs, one year old. What a mix of dogs! We see everything from Doberman pinscher to German Shepherd to black and tan coonhound to collie to gray hound. Whatever, she is a loving dog – loves people, loves toys, loves treats. High energy typical puppy behavior, just needs help with basic obedience and burning off energy. Has been at shelter 2 months. Adopted 1/19/19

Puppy Huston being held

Houston was a puppy from the League that was just here for one day so we could take a few pictures, and he was picked up by rescue right away. Adopted January 2019


Fancy is a female beagle/pug or lab mix who weighs about 35 lbs. and is about three or four years old.  The white color on her muzzle is truly white and not gray.  She is much younger then she looks in her pictures.  Fancy had puppies when she was brought to the shelter, but they are gone and she is left to find a good forever home.  She is cautious when first meeting people, but warms up once she knows it is safe.  At that point she will lean in close for petting and attention.  She also knows when you are a good person, she may even give you a smile.  She is current on all her vaccines and has been spayed. Adopted 1/25/19


Boomer CCHS Boomer came in loving to talk and learn! He was a happy go lucky 10 month old puppy that loved toys and running in the play yard. He loved working and getting attention, too. He was rescued 2/6/19.


Sue. LAW Senior dog Sue came in a bit cool with people and other dogs, but very curious about her surroundings. She still had some pep in her step to walk around the play yard, and she enjoyed a soft blanket to nap on at lunchtime. She had been at the shelter her entire life and no one really thought this “lifer” would find a forever home, but just before Valentine’s Day in 2019 a fabulous family opened their home to sweet Sue at the venerable age of 14!


Ava. CCHS Ava came in with a burst of energy and a great desire for attention and treats. She is on the small size for a pit bull/boxer mix, about 30 lbs with gorgeous grey and white markings. She steadily improved on her obedience skills while at Encore, and was adopted February 11, 2019.


Aubie is a 5-6 year old female yellow lab/hound mix, who weighs about 35 lbs. She is initially shy and reserved with new people – she needs a bit of time to get to know you. But once she’s met you, and gotten a few treats, she is SO happy to hang out with you! She is especially fast to warm up to women; men it takes a little longer. She does the cutest little woof when she is so happy she can’t contain herself. This is a dog meant for petting! Rescued 1/23/19


Diva smiles and struts and is such a happy girl. She is getting more comfortable with her surroundings and it shows in her relaxed and “eager to meet you” manner. Diva is a four year old pit bull mix. She was surrendered to the shelter. She is heart worm positive, but is being treated. Adopted in February 2019.


Billy is a six month old male mix of a little bit of everything – yellow lab, maybe husky or shepherd, or even beagle. A true all-American dog! He is about 30 lbs and needs to grow and put on a bit more weight. He was brought in as a stray and is a happy boy who LOVES people. Adopted in February 2019


Tilly is our outgoing pup for the week – this black and tan German Shepherd mix is less than a year old and all legs and energy. Tilly is about 45 lbs and still needs to fill out a bit more. She LOVES toys, petting, playing, and is a wiz at nose work.  Adopted 2/18/19


Stevie – is a three year old pit bull mix who weighs 50 lbs. and could stand to put on a bit more weight. He was brought to the shelter as a stray just before the holidays. He is a smart boy, who already knows sit, shake and down! Stevie is energetic and treat motivated and was very brave – he went down the playground slide on his first day at Encore! He’s had some rough times and been in a few scrapes and is ready to settle down with a great person or family.  Rescued on March 3, 2019.



Rascal – Here’s Rascal, a two year old male cattle dog mix, a nice sized pooch around 40 lbs. Rascal needs a job! He has energy to spare, and would love nothing better than find a home where folks want a dog they can do agility, nose work, rally, or some other sport with – or a dog they can take on long walks or runs. He showed up at the shelter gate just before the holidays. Guess he knew he needed a hand to help him find a forever home. Rescued on March 3, 2019.



Cash was adopted 3/21/19!


Jubilee is a young one.  She is around one year or so.  She is a female yellow lab mixed with maybe some Carolina Dog or even white German Shepard.  She is a thin 45 lbs and needs to add a bit more weight.  Funny Jubilee is the most interested in toys.  She already knows how to fetch and retrieve tennis balls.  She readily returns them so they can be thrown again. She had one tiny spot of black on the very end of her tongue.  She can be startled by noises or quick movements, but also recovers quickly and enjoys being with people! Adopted 3/4/19.


Clint – Meet Clint, a two year old lab mix and a good sized male around 65 lbs. He was a stray brought in just a few weeks ago. Clint is very calm, dog friendly, and house trained. This sweet boy likes toys and treats and attention. Adopted 3/18/19.


Spade was adopted from Calhoun County Humane Society on 4/6/19. Spade came in a young two year old pit bull with gorgeous coloring.  He was a neglect case that the shelter had turned around to getting him back to good health.  He was great with people but not so hot with other dogs.  Sweet Spade loves his toys and treats. 

Check back to see more success stories!

Check back to see more success stories!