Star Light, Star Bright

Seven year old Aussie mix Star is learning to shine at Encore, but it’s going to be a long journey for this scared stray who’s been at the shelter since 2014.

Star is shy and suspicious of people at first, and that’s a hard thing to be when you’re trying to get adopted. She will bark at strangers and not come near them. We do see improvement with her interactions with the Encore staff – now that she’s gotten to know them, she will come up to them for a treat or a quick pet. We’ve even seen her tail wag a few times as she gets praise for a job well done, and then she prances like she’s pretty proud of herself!

Star loves being outside in the play yard. It’s really her happy place. She zooms around and then takes a looong time to find just the perfect place to poop. She’s not as excited about being inside and she doesn’t know sit or stay, so we have some work to do on obedience training basics.

We are doing confidence building activities with Star like nose work and interactive toys and lots of positive reinforcement when she tolerates new people. We look forward to working with Calhoun County Humane Society and Star for many visits to Encore, if that’s what it takes to help her get comfortable enough to trust again. And when she does, sweet Star will shine brightly on her forever home and family.

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