Spade’s Story

Spade looks so serious. Or is it sad? It’s no wonder, this dog has been through a lot. Spade is a neglect case. His life was the length of a chain tied to a tree. He weighed only 29 lbs when he was brought to the shelter last November. He’s about 45 lbs now and still needs to put on a bit more weight. As tough as his beginnings were, Spade is still friendly with people and likes toys and playing. In fact, about the only time he shows a smile is when he’s chasing and retrieving toys. Like many dogs that pounce on toys as if they were prey, Spade has shown us some incredibly funny moves – he is a champion bouncy pouncer! (Check out his video.) Spade is a quick learner. He can sit and walk nicely on leash when we’re working with him, and he caught onto nose work right away. He’s not good with other dogs, so would be best in an only dog home. We hope someone out there is ready to give this grey and white guy (with some really cool blonde brindle markings) a try. He is available at the Calhoun County Humane Society.