Sniffy and Mister, Sweet Seniors

These two special dogs have been at the League a long time (like years).  For Sniffy, it’s been his whole life – he was brought in as one of eight abandoned puppies in 2006.  In all those years, his meant-to-be family has not yet walked through the kennels to find him.  In fact, the shelter is fine with taking care of Sniffy for the rest of his days, as any change is challenging for him at his age.  BUT – if the right person or family came along, we believe Sniffy could still experience the joy of his own home. What a gift it would be for Sniffy to spend the time he has left sleeping on a soft bed at night and trotting around in his own yard during the day. He’s still curious and loves to watch and interact with people.  He gives play bows for treats and enjoys being brushed.  He’s shy about entering new buildings or vehicles and is more comfortable outside.  And while he loves people, he’s not good with other animals.  Sniffy is a hoot who can still kick up his heels a little, and smile a lot.

And Mister, the longhaired dachshund who is about 12 years old, well he is an absolute heartbreaker with those soulful huge brown eyes.  If you visit LAW, you’ll often see Mister in the front office.  He interacts well with the other small dogs and cats hanging out there.  He has a funny way of trotting with those short legs with maybe a touch of arthritis in them.  Mister is low maintenance and will sit in your lap and enjoy the attention.  He can be startled by sudden noises but if you’re a little dog in a big world, you probably would be too!  Mister would also need that special family who is ready to care for and love this little guy for the rest of his days.  

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