Small Boxers, Big Hearts

by Becka Sams

This week at Encore we are working with Rockin P Rescue out of Jacksonville Alabama. This is our second round working with their dogs and we really appreciate them partnering with us to give these pups the very best chance at a happy life.


This beautiful brindle boxer is sure to win your heart! She weighs about 45 lbs and is eight months old. She was surrendered when her older owners developed serious health issues and couldn’t give her the care she deserved. She hasn’t learned her basics yet but with a little help she will be there in no time.

Winnie loves to chase the ball – although she wont bring it back just yet! She’s really fun to watch pouncing and running all over the place. She is still a puppy so anyone looking to adopt should set aside time to let her be just that. Let her run, play and burn off some of that puppy energy. Because once she does, Winnie is surprisingly calm for a boxer puppy. She loves to run and play but she also loves to snuggle and be close with her person.

Winne has what it takes to be the pawfect companion. You should see for yourself ! Contact: Rockin P Rescue and give yourself and this beautiful pup a happier life.


This is also Andy’s first week and let me tell you he is a cutie! This white and brown boxer mix looks like a mini American bull dog or maybe Boston Terrier .Whatever it is he is an absolute beauty. He has bright hazel eyes and a very expressive face. Andy is four years old and weighs around 40 pounds. He knows sit but not much else. He listens and walks well on the leash.

Andy is a love bug! So far he does not have much interest in toys. He just wants to be close and be petted. This is true with so many of the dogs that we see here – all they want is a human’s attention. And they are so grateful to get it!

We will work on Andy’s basics this week. By next week this boy should be right on track. If you are a snuggler and need a loyal pal give our Andy a chance and contact Rockin P Rescue How can you resist that face???