Silver Foxes and Young Studs

New dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society are here for Week 1 at Encore!  Actually, four of the five have been here before, our two senior females Storm and Rain, and two hunky young males Ben and Jerry. Rudy is new and is just too cute – check him out.
Brown, red and white mix Rudy is a year old and was surrendered to the shelter in April. He’s just over the top sweet and a perfect medium size. He’s being treated for demodectic mange (the non-contagious kind) so his fur is still patchy in spots.  
Two year old Jerry is tan with a white chest and twinkling eyes that say “I love you! Please love me back.” He’s a strong happy boy that loves to jump on the play ground equipment. He loves to jump on people, too, but we’re working on that. He came in as a stray with Ben, who may be his brother.
Ben’s a hunk – not too big but very stocky.  He has a nice medium energy that includes some play time with toys, and some snuggle time with people. He’s two years old and gets along well with Jerry and would do OK with other dogs his size.
This eight-year old gray and white bully mix is re-inventing herself, after years of being chained and used for breeding. Rain has put her past behind her and is savoring every moment in the sun. Once she’s met you a couple times and she knows you’re OK, she comes in close for petting and snuggles (and treats are good, too)!
Storm is seven and in doggie heaven, as long as she can play with a toy! This bully/lab mix taking the world by storm, after years of being overbred and underloved. She’s living in the moment and will chase and chew any toy you toss for her. Storm’s a perfect example that every dog deserves an encore.