Shy Retrievers and Bouncy Pups!

We’re into Week 2 with the Retriever Trio – the three very shy golden retriever mix dogs from Etowah County. Check out their progress, as well as that of the Pell City pups.  
UPDATE: Summer really does well when she is in the play yard with her sister Star. They will run and wrestle, then lie down together. Summer is the more confident of the two and is walking better on leash. We’ve even seen some tail wags, yay!
UPDATE: Star draws her strength from Summer. By herself, Star is still very scared of her surroundings. We’re proud of her for being able to walk on a leash and she will take some treats after she’s met you a few times.
UPDATE: Scar is definitely the most outgoing of the Retriever Trio. He even started playing with a toy! He chases it and throws it up in the air to catch. His tail wags and he prances around people he knows. But he still avoids strangers. 
UPDATE: What a typical puppy! Declan needs more work on not jumping – he is an absolute spring butt. He’s learned some basic commands like sit and down. He is over the top cute and is just going to need a patient family to continue his training on being polite.
UPDATE: this cutie patootie was adopted this weekend!  Congratulations to Anna and her new family. So Declan’s brother Tatum got to come in her place.
Brindle and white Tatum is slightly taller and thinner than Declan, but they have the same body build. Thankfully Tatum is less jumpy than his brother (although he has his moments)! We’re helping Tatum learn the basics and he’s going to be a great addition to an active family.