Dog Behavior Evaluations/Classes

Do you need help with your dog?  It can be frustrating when your pooch pulls on the leash or jumps on people.  Or maybe he or she has WAY too much energy, or is shy around strangers.

We offer an initial hour long evaluation/training session for $60. You bring in your dog and meet with two of our staff. They will do an evaluation, make recommendations and show you some tips to help with the issue.

A follow up session is $50, where you meet with us again to show us how your dog is doing, and get some additional help.

Any follow up sessions after that are $40 and give you the chance to bring the dog back for any final help and suggestions. If appropriate, these sessions may include a field trip so we can see how the dog does in a different environment.

Sessions are scheduled during the day Tuesdays and Fridays, and Tuesday evenings starting at 5 p.m.  We can also arrange a special time if these days don’t work for your schedule.

Group Classes

We offer small group sessions for K9 Nose Work®, a fun and exciting activity that is like detection dog training but is for any kind of dog and his or her owner.  Nose work gives a dog a job, burns mental and physical energy, and builds confidence. It can be done by older or disabled dogs, too.

Introduction to K9 Nose Work (1)  $120 for the six-week session.  Class covers the history and philosophy of nose work, the concept of the game, handler observation skills, and getting the dog focused.   The dogs search for high value food or a toy. Searches are conducted inside.

Introduction to K9 Nose Work (2)  $120 for the six-week session.  Class introduces the dog to searching vehicles, outside, and closed containers. More challenging searches and environments are introduced.

Introduction to Odor  $120 for the six-week session.  The dog learns to search for birch odor in all four elements – interiors, exteriors, vehicles and containers.

Advanced Nose Work $120 for the six-week session.  Dogs are introduced to anise and clove odors and prepare for odor recognition tests and competitive trials.

Private Nose Work Classes

$35/45 minutes


Proof of current parvovirus, distemper, and parainfluenza vaccinations for dogs are required for all evaluations and classes. We also require proof of current rabies vaccination for all dogs over four months old.

Dogs should not have any visible signs of illness or disease, ex. Runny nose, cough, eye discharge, diarrhea, vomiting or mange. No female dogs in heat in nose work classes.

Payment can be made by check or credit card at the first class.  Sessions will be held at the Encore building, 301 EA Darden Drive, Anniston, AL 36201.

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