Serious Worker

By: Julie Madden

Know anyone who is real serious? The one at work that reminds us we need to get back to work, the one at home that pulls out the vacuum cleaner after dinner.

For the most part, four year old white Boxer Cameron is that kind of serious. He has a work ethic like the Energizer Bunny. He needs a job. And one job he does really, really well is nose work. Check out his video to see how talented he is.

Cameron does have a happy side where he will play with a toy and run up for some petting. But in general, he takes life, and his job, very seriously. He needs an experienced owner who likewise is serious about working a dog for competition, whether it’s nose work, agility, or rally obedience.

Cameron was even featured on the National Association of Canine Scent Work® Shelter Project Facebook Page. This great group works brings the joy of nose work to shelter dogs to help them de-stress and have fun while they wait to be adopted.

Please take five minutes to watch Cameron’s video. It might not change your life, but if the right person sees it, it can change Cameron’s life forever!

(Cameron is available for adoption at Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville, AL. He’s been waiting for over a year to find his serious soul mate.)