Senior Spotlight: Diesel

Sure, he moves slower these days. Diesel is 10-ish years old and that signature stocky build of an English Labrador retriever means um, a little extra weight. His ears are lumpy from healed hemotomas (broken blood vessels). He has his share of “old man warts.”

Hey, years of living in a shelter can take its toll and Diesel is doing pretty good all in all. He’s a sweet dog that appreciates a kind touch and a tasty treat. He’s currently at Calhoun County Humane Society, where he has the care he needs. But it’s not the home he wants. Even senior dogs cherish the quiet, the caring, and the connection of a real home and family. We hope that someday soon, someone will open up their home to Diesel. He will pay you back with his smile and his companionship. These days, that means a lot.

Diesel is selective about which dogs he likes so potential adopters would need to do a meet and greet to make sure it is a good match. And Diesel needs softer food as his teeth are really worn down.  If you want to find out more about what makes him so special and think he may be “the one,” you can “Ask About Diesel”   or call CCHS at 256-405-6680.