Round 2 with Rockin P Rescue!

The boxers are back and we’re so excited! This week’s dogs are from Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville and they are a super bunch. You’ll recognize two and meet two more new! All have been spayed or neutered, are heart worm negative, and current on shots.

Winnie is an eight month old boxer who had to be surrendered when the couple who owned her got health issues. She’s a gorgeous brindle color, and weighs under 50 lbs. She can be shy when she first meets you but quickly warms up. Winnie has a nice medium energy level and is one smart cookie! She and Andy have only been at Rockin P for a couple weeks.

Here’s Andy, a four year old boxer mixed with maybe Boston terrier or pit bull terrier. Andy is recovering from his neuter surgery and is still a bit sore. So he’s pretty quiet now and we’ll see if that lasts throughout the week. He is well mannered and just a bit shy, but also loves attention once he’s had a chance to meet you. Andy’s on the small size around 40 lbs.

Here’s Shelby, a boxer/American bulldog mix who’s two years old. She’s a little chunky monkey at 50+ lbs. She’s one of the longest term Rock in “P” rescue residents and has been there seven months. Sweet Shelby is ready to pack her bags and find her forever family! She’s told us she prefers that she be the only dog in that family, too.

Lee Roy was here last month and in four short weeks, he has filled out and is SO handsome! His coat shines and he’s a perfect weight, about 55-60 lbs. For a former junk yard dog (that’s where he was found, dragging around a huge chain from his neck), Lee Roy is a lovable goof! He’s four years old and just wants to be with people. He loves treats and attention. He can pull on the leash so we’re going to work with him on that.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of these great guys and gals, contact Rockin “P” Rescue through their website or a 256-282-9304.   Please feel free to visit our Meet the Dogs page and Adoptable Dogs Page