Rockin P Dogs Rock the House

Boxers abound for Week 1 at Encore! Let’s give a hearty welcome to three new faces and two that are repeat customers. All are boxers and some have a sprinkling of something else, too. All are available through Rockin P Rescue


Here’s Boswell, a two-three year old male that was found as a stray. He’s so friendly and a great medium size. “Pet me, please” is his favorite phrase. He loves to lean in for attention. We’ll be working with Boswell on his obedience basics.


He’s the biggest dog, and the shyest of the group. Grendal is a gorgeous black and gold brindle two year old and his boxer may be mixed with something even bigger, like mastiff? He was found abandoned and almost feral. But Grendal is a quick study and likes people. He just needs a bit of time to check them out and see that they mean him no harm. He’s much more comfortable outside, so we will work with him on getting used to going in and out of the building.


Can you say “tall?” Well Cameron is one tall dog! He’s about three years old and got out of a bad situation where he was chained up. Cameron is a big guy over 50 lbs. and has that white boxer with pink highlights look.


Five year old Aries was surrendered along with Athena back in March. He’s got the best “sit” we’ve seen lately! He’s a friendly easy going guy with people and some other dogs. He has been with Athena his whole life so they are good friends and would be great if adopted together.

lamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


Athena is six years old with beautiful tan and white markings. She loves Aries, but other dogs not so much. Athena is on the smaller size but is still a nice muscular boxer shape. And she’s so funny – she loves to play with toys, and if you stomp your feet – she starts barking and nipping at them! Don’t worry, she easily re-directs back to work when you tell her to. She’s enjoys running in the play yard, too.