Rockin P Dogs Get ‘er Done

Meet the Dogs Update Rockin P Rescue November 9, 2020

Rockin P Dogs Get ‘er Done

This lively group is back for Week 2 at Encore and they are revved up and ready to go! Here’s an update on how everyone is doing.


UPDATE: We’re so proud of her! Sarah is loosening up and starting to have a bit of fun. (If only she would smile…) She is learning some obedience basics and is good about not jumping on people. She even saw our Encore cat Richie through the fence and while he hissed and hollered, she wagged her tail loosely and didn’t overreact to him.


UPDATE: Leo stayed back getting ready to meet a potential adopter – yay Leo! So handsome Hank got to take his place.


Hank loves to play with balls SO much, we gave him three today just to see what he would do. He herded them a bit and then chose his favorite and carried it all around the play yard. He is such an athlete – he really loves to run and tires himself out with all that playing.


UPDATE: We’re amazed at how focused Cameron is at whatever job he has, whether it’s working Whitney for some Goldfish treats or guarding the yard. He also saw our cat Richie through the fence and he was a little too interested – guessing a cat-free home would be best for this high energy boy.


UPDATE: sweet Emma is getting better about not jumping up to greet people. She loves to say hi and so appreciates some attention. She likes the squeaky toy and is improving on her loose leash walking.


UPDATE: Athena is a happy girl, even though her face always looks so sad! She’s also getting better about not jumping on people. She likes fetch and we’re making progress on her giving the toy back nicely.