Rockin P brought the Happiness!

Brisket is a year old black and white American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer. Even though he is full of energy, Brisket is very smart. He has picked up on commands quickly. Brisket doesn’t understand why he can’t fit into your lap, he thinks it’s the perfect place for him.

Esther is a four year old brindle and white English bulldog. She is similar to velcro, simply because she enjoys being up close and personal all of the time no matter what you are doing. Esther loves all of the attention, but snuggles and scratches are her favorite. She alters her time between couch potato and wild child. Esther loves toys especially if you are playing with her. However, she can’t play for too long without getting so tired due to no fault of her own, that’s just how bullies are.

Evie is a two year old tri colored English bulldog. At first she is shy and reserved towards strangers, but once she gets to know you she’s all in. While Evie loves belly rubs, she also enjoys just walking around the yard having time to herself. She’s not too clingy and not too distant.

Duke is a five month old red and white boxer mix. He is still a puppy, so you will have to have patience with him. When he has a chance to be a rowdy boy, he’s going to take it. Duke aims to please, so when he’s given direction he minds very well.

Cameron is back with us and had put on some weight and is still progressing with his nose work.