Rock Stars of April

It’s Round 1 for three new dogs and Round 2 for Hazel and Brutus at Encore. All these dogs are full of spirit and ready to learn new things!

One of two tripod dogs at Rockin P Rescue, Hazel is doing so well! She runs, jumps and plays. She has lots of energy, and once she is tired out she loves to plop down and hang out with her favorite human. Maybe that’s you?

Boxer and mastiff mixed together makes for a magnificent boy! Brutus is so handsome. He’s somewhere between a year or two old and loves people and other dogs. And even cats! He also loves a good hug, whether he’s giving or receiving it.

Here’s tripod Tippy, who’s missing her left front leg. Tippy is about two years old and was found as a stray with that leg severely injured. It had to be amputated, but Tipppy is doing really well with her recovery. Her Rockin P pal Hazel is teaching her how to run around and wrestle on three legs. Tippy can be shy at first but you can see she’s wants to find that special person to trust and love.

Beautiful. Soulful. Sweet. Five year old Mia is a deaf white Boxer recently returned to Rockin P Rescue after four years in a home. She is full of Boxer antics, being silly and jumpy one minute and leaning in quietly for petting the next. She would love to get back to a home and family!

Here’s Seymour, a classic fawn and white Boxer about two years old. He already knows a few basic commands and is ready to learn new things this week at Encore. Seymour loves all people but seems to favor female dogs only. And like all Boxers, his face is so expressive. We took a picture while he was peeing and the look was absolutely “Some privacy, PLEASE!!”