I lost my dog!

I found a dog!

need to re-home my dog!

What do I do?

If you are trying to find a home for a dog who is not already spayed or neutered, consider getting that done. Shelters, rescues and individuals are all more likely to take in a dog that is not going to get pregnant or get another dog pregnant. Calhoun County provides reduced cost spay/neuter procedures through their “Snip-It Tickets” program. The cost to get a ticket is only $15. For more information go to the County’s Spay/Neuter Program website.

If you are thinking about re-homing a dog because of behavioral issues, consider going to a professional dog trainer for help. They can do an evaluation of the dog and make suggestions on how to manage or change the behavior. Encore Enrichment Center for Shelter Dogs in Anniston offers these services.

For more information on Encore’s dog training classes, go to the Training Services tab at our website.


  1. 1. Contact your servicing animal shelter (see list). You can report a found dog, or ask about your lost dog. Some also take in dogs that their owners surrender to be re-homed, depending if they have space.

    2. There is one private shelter in Calhoun County that takes in some dogs if they are not full, and if the dog seems adoptable (not aggressive or overly fearful). It is the League for Animal Welfare, 2726 Bynum Leatherwood Rd, Anniston AL36201. Phone 256-238-0380.

    3. For lost/found dogs, you can make up a flyer with a picture of the dog and the location where it was lost or found. Include your contact information. Leave flyers at local vets offices or community centers. You could go door to door in the area where the dog was lost/found and ask people if they know anything about the dog.

  1. 4. For re-homing a dog, you can contact some of the Alabama rescue organizations listed at this website page:  https://eec4sd.org/alabama-rescues/

    5. You can also post a photo and paragraph describing your situation to one of the area Facebook pages for lost/found/adoptable animals in this area. Some are public and some you have to sign up to join. Search on
    “adoptable/lost/found dogs Calhoun County Alabama” to find several. Here are two:

    *  Calhoun County, AL Adoptable/Lost/Found Animals
    *  Happy Tails Lost & Found Pets of Calhoun County

     Animal Shelters

    Calhoun County Animal Control Center
    3605 Morrisville Rd.
    Anniston, AL 36201
    Facebook: @CCAC3605

Services: Piedmont, Weaver, Ohatchee, and unincorporated Calhoun County. NOTE: Will accept dogs from Anniston City Limits if owner gets voucher from Anniston City Hall. Need ID and proof of address to get voucher. No injured, sick pregnant or aggressive animals accepted.

Calhoun County Humane Society
1201 Parkwood Drive
Anniston, AL 36201
Facebook: @CalhounCountyHumaneSocietyAL
Services: Jacksonville (Need to contact Jacksonville Police Dept. Animal Control for stray or re-homing dog issues-256-435-7611/6448)

Oxford 311 City Service Help Center
Services: Oxford

Anniston Police Department, Special Operations Unit Animal Control
174 West 13th St.
Anniston, AL  36201
Services:  Anniston

Anniston contracts with Pell City Animal Control Center to hold dogs they pick up:
1071 Airport Road
Pell City, AL  35128
(205) 814-1567