Recipe for Fun

With names like Brisket, Paprika and Popcorn you may think we’re chefs here at Encore instead of dog trainers. Not to worry! These great guys and gals are eating up the attention and digesting their lessons during Week 2.

This young pup is amazingly strong for a dog who’s not that big. Popcorn needs to continue his work on not using all that strength to pull on the leash! He is making progress, though. He loves to watch the Encore cat through the fence.

Beemer is REALLY interested in our community cat when she sees him through the fence. So we’re not sure how she would do close up meeting one. If Beemer’s adopters have a house cat, they may need to do a preliminary meet and greet to make sure everyone gets along. Beemer is very friendly with people and other dogs.

We love Brisket’s white markings, from his chin to his front toes. He’s so friendly and easy going, although he still has a pretty high energy level when he first gets out in the play yard. Brisket is doing well on his basic commands and leash walking.

It’s hard to be a gangly, lanky teenager, whether you’re a human or a dog like Max. He’s looks as big as an adult but is still just a baby. Max loves people and thankfully doesn’t jump too much. He’s working hard at learning obedience basics and just wants a family to call his own.

Hound dog, happy dog, high-energy dog…maybe her name should be Spicy! Paprika is loving but very bouncy, and she still needs some work on channeling that bounciness. She’s just a young pup and once you get her to focus, she is a quick study. The kennel stress is making it hard for her to keep weight on.