Raining Boxers

What’s in March? Basketball playoffs, crazy weather, and crazy playful dogs from Rockin P Rescue! Here’s three new dogs, and two we’ve met before, ready to rock their Week 1 at Encore.
Itsy Bitsy – not! This female Boxer/American Bulldog mix has a tiny name, but a big stocky body. She’s around two years old and has only been at Rockin P a few weeks. Bitsy has a beautiful black and white coat, with a white fur dot over each hip. She loves to run and play!
Like most Boxers, two year old Stella looks so serious. But when she does give you a smile, she beams! Stella is brindle and white with a stubby tail and flappy ears. She has a nice medium energy. She already knows the Sit command. 
Meet Muggs, a small Boxer with maybe some English Bulldog mixed in. Muggs is a quiet adult male with handsome brindle and white markings. He can be snatchy with his treats and toys so we are going to work on that. We love to help dogs learn manners!  
Young guy Andy is under two years old and just an easy-going boy. He loves his toys and has energy to spare! But he will slow down to sit for a treat or get a much-loved butt rub.
This handsome four year old white Boxer really needs a home. Cameron has been at Rockin P for several months. The stress of the shelter environment seems to be giving him some skin issues. He has a raw spot on his leg that is being treated. The best treatment would be adoption! An experienced dog owner who is looking for a working dog, should look at Cameron.