Post-Easter Pups!

Did you have a nice Easter? We have some sweet dogs from Pell City Animal Control and they said their Easter was great, but getting to come to Encore is even greater! Welcome guy and girls.

Three year old lab mix Rooster is all about the love. He loves people and attention and will gladly follow basic commands. His coat is a very striking brown and gray, coupled with those twinkly brown eyes and a wrinkly brow!

Angelica is just a year or so old, still a puppy at heart. This chocolate brown/black lab has a touch of white on her chest for flair! She loves to play with people and toys, and sometimes forgets that she’s not supposed to jump for joy (on you). So we’re working on that.

General George Patton had a bull terrier dog that was his companion during World War II.  These dogs have a distinctive egg-shaped head with an arc from the top of the skull to the tip of the nose. If you look at Cheyenne, you can see some bull terrier in her! You can also see that she is sweet and silly. She’s only a year old and says she is fine with any home that has a loving family, no Generals required.