Pollen and Boxers are in the Air!

The yellow pollen is everywhere as we start Week 2 with our great Rockin P Rescue dogs. Check out their updates to see who got adopted (YAY!) and who got to come in his place.
UPDATE: Bitsy knows sit and fetch. This gorgeous girl still needs some work on leash walking and not jumping, but she’s making good progress. She loves to prance around the play yard.
UPDATE:  When Stella looks you in the eye and gives you a big smile, it is so sweet! This two year old can be shy at first but once she’s comfortable with you she loves attention.  
UPDATE:  Bulldog mix Muggs is a nice size, a bit smaller than his Boxer buddies at 40 lbs. We are helping Muggs get better with not being so protective over his things. He is learning the “give” command and now knows that giving up one toy gets him a treat or another toy, so it’s a good trade. 
UPDATE:  Guess who got adopted…this guy! Congratulations Andy! So A.J. gets to take Andy’s place this week.
A. J. 
A. J. was at Encore just before Christmas. He got adopted but was returned because he grew bigger and was jumpy.  We can’t help him with his size, but we definitely can help with the jumping. He’s a great guy that just needs to re-learn his manners. (Don’t forget, Encore offers two free lessons to adopters of dogs we work with, to help with these kinds of issues.)
UPDATE: Last week Cameron became the first shelter dog to graduate from one of Encore’s six-week Nose Work classes – way to go! And this serious guy finally let down his hair and played like a puppy with the big Kong toy. We are so happy to see him relax and just be a dog.