This Six-Pack Satisfies!

We love these six young pups from Rockin P Rescue, here for Week 2 at Encore. We especially love that when we walk into their crate room, they are all wiggling with excitement but are NOT barking – wow! Dogs that can be quiet are wonderful.

UPDATE:  Poster child for a happy puppy – that’s Allis. She’s full of puppy piss and vinegar and likes to learn new things. This is a great time for her to find her forever home and a family to keep her training going.

UPDATE: We’re happy to see that Fergie gets a bit more confident every day. She’s getting better with meeting new people. She is more willing to explore new places, too. We’re working on her Sit and No Jump commands.

UPDATE: Who’s a smart boy? Yep, Graham is super smart. He did great getting a bath last week. He’s so friendly that we do have to remind him not to jump up to greet people, and he is getting better.

UPDATE: This snuggle bunny needs a home and family to snuggle with! Brisket is a bit stressed at having to stay in a kennel and can get over excited. The good news is, we can re-direct that energy to some training tasks to help him focus. And then he is a great guy. He’s such a perfect medium size.

UPDATE:  Max is starting to get the hang of “fetch!” At first he thought fetch meant get the ball and run around the entire play yard with it. Now he’s getting the idea that it means bring it close to the human and maybe they will throw it again. His leash walking is still a work in progress but this smiling, happy boy is definitely worth the effort.

UPDATE: We’re helping Paprika learn to wait at the door and kennel up, both nice skills that her forever family will appreciate! This young dog is is wide open to participate in dog sports or other events where she can burn off some energy. She would be a great running partner.