Pittie (mix) Party!

Pit bull is a label that can give a dog a bad rap. That’s a shame, especially when it’s really an umbrella term for several breeds of dogs that are stocky and muscular with short hair. There’s no way to know what breeds are mixed in with this group from Calhoun County Humane Society. So it’s best to get to know them as the cute, funny and silly individuals they are!
This two year old tan male was found as a stray in March, along with Ben, who may be his brother. Jerry has a white chest and black muzzle. He’s easy going and friendly.
Ben’s about two years old with a gray and white coat. He’s very curious about his surroundings and loves to run. Ben has the most unique markings on his neck that look like a checkerboard pattern.
This is Cosmo’s second visit to Encore and we love having him back! This three year old boy is on the smaller side, about 40 lbs, and was found as a stray last summer. Cosmo looks solid black but in the sun you can see his brown highlights.
Rikki’s six years old and is a hoot! She has two speeds, run and stop. She will sit and let you love on her and then all of a sudden she takes off and runs around the yard! Then it’s back to you full stop for more attention. 
Meet three year old Norma, a beautiful gray and white mix. She already knows “sit” and is very treat motivated. It’s a shame that at some point she fell victim to an at-home ear crop that went bad. Her right ear was cut so close the little nub that is left hugs her head and she can’t move it at all. But that doesn’t stop Norma from being a friendly and outgoing girl.