Pell City Shelter Stars

We’ve had a great time working with Big Ben and Clyde this week. They are from Pell City Animal Control and are so ready to find their forever family.

Two year old Big Ben fits the description of gentle giant to a tee. He is active but not zoomy or high energy. This big boy is doing well learning his obedience basics and he really enjoys people. That’s a bit surprising given his independent breed of Anatolian Shepherd, but it’s clear he was raised around people and other dogs from a pup. Big Ben was surrendered when his elderly owner felt he couldn’t give Big Ben and his house mate, year old lab mix Betty, an active enough home anymore.

At just a year old, Clyde has a prance in his step and a higher energy level than Big Ben. He’s smart as a whip and watches everything you do. He’s not too interested in toys, though. He’ll chase after a ball, but then leave it and come back to you without it! So “fetch” is still a work in progress. He’s getting better on leash walking and other basics. His fur is just gorgeous. You see black and white until he gets in the sun and then you see golden brown highlights on his legs and under his curly tail.

For information on adopting one of these great guys, contact Pell City Animal Control, AL.